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Latest News in Election Law

Managing a Recount: What Every Judge Needs To Know

Minnesota secretary of state mark Ritchie provides lessons learned from his experience working with the Minnesota supreme court to run the 2008 Franken-Coleman recount. Secretary Ritchie answers a series of questions that provide an overview of the key issues judges should be aware of when handling recount and recount-related matters.

Redistricting Litigation: What Every Judge Should Know

Nationally recognized redistricting experts provide the basics, specifically geared for judges, on the redistricting process, core redistricting concepts such as defining “population,” and an overview of possible remedies courts can provide in redistricting cases.

W&M Election Law Society Launches State of Elections Blog

The William & Mary Election Law Society (the student arm of the Election Law Program) launched a new blog focused on state election issues at

A View from the Trenches

Advice for Judges Handling Election Related Lawsuits from Experts Bob Bauer and Ben Ginsberg. (Moderated by Dean Davison Douglas Founding Director, Election Law Program and Arthur B. Hanson Professor of Law).

Election Controversies: The Basics of Election-Related Litigation

A Guide for Judges, Lawyers, Journalists and others interested in our Electoral Process

In the past ten years, we have seen a dramatic increase in election-related litigation in the United States. Legal challenges to election results are now a common part of our democratic process. But there is considerable confusion about the law that governs our elections.

The purpose of this resource is to enhance our understanding of the basics of election law and election-related litigation. These materials will be of interest to judges who are called upon to resolve these disputes, as well as lawyers, journalists, and others interested in our electoral process.

You will find in this website, a variety of resources to help you better understand the basics of election-related litigation.

For any questions regarding content within this resource, please contact us.

View a video introduction from Professor Dave Douglas of William and Mary Law School