The Basics of Election Law and Litigation

Resources for Judges, Lawyers, Journalists, and Others Interested in Our Electoral Process

In the past ten years, we have seen a dramatic increase in election-related litigation in the United States. Legal challenges to election results are now a common part of our democratic process. All too often, judges lack the resources to hear these complicated cases, which must be decided quickly and resolutely given their impact on our political process.

The purpose of this resource is to enhance state court judges' understanding of the basics of election law and election-related litigation. These materials are targeted to judges who are called upon to resolve these disputes, as well as lawyers, journalists, and others interested in our electoral process.

You will find in this website a variety of resources to help you better understand the basics of election-related litigation, including an election law manual, a video lecture series, and samples of our innovative "war game" approach that tests state election statutes and demonstrates for judges the unique nature of election litigation.

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